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The original sawmill began production in 1974. Since that time many minor modifications have been made and a major mill renovation was completed in 1991.

Harrigan opted to use log lifts rather than a crane when the mill was built in 1974. Logs are currently unloaded and stacked by a Taylor TLS-1000 log stacker.

The original log bucking and debarking system are still being used today. Logs are bucked with two Gates & Sons designed bucksaws before passing through two Cambio 30 inch debarkers with Forano infeeds.

The sawmill was orginally built with a Chip-N-Saw Mark II system. This system was replaced in 1991 with a modern sharp chain system. Most of the equipment in the new mill is USNR with a few exceptions.

All of the band mills are McDonough with other equipment supplied by USNR. The optimized sharp chain head saw was built by USNR. Next is a USNR optimized canter with profiler heads followed by a USNR resaw. The mill also contains a Shurman edger with Hi-Tech optimization, and a CSMI optimized trimmer. Lumber is sorted in a USNR 45 bay drop sorter and stacked by a USNR stacker.

Dry Kilns

Harrigan has two Irvington-Moore and one Moore-Oregon dry kiln. All are powered by Energex suspension wood waste burners. A new Phoenix Manufacturing dry kiln was built in 2006. It is fueled by a Hurst slope grate burner. Currently one of the original Irvington-Moore kilns has been taken out of use.

Planer Mill

The major planner mill machinery was installed when the mill was built in 1974. The dry lumber is unstacked by an Irvington-Moore tilt hoist and fed into a Yates-American A63 high-speed planer and passes under a Lucidyne grade reader before being trimmed by an Irvington-Moore trimmer. Lumber is sorted in a Hemco sling sorter and stacked by an Irvington-Moore stacker. All strapping is done by hand using Signode equipment.

Pole Mill

The pole mill was constructed at the mill site in 1988. The mill was manufactured by Efurd Machine Company. This mill is currently not in use.

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